How SMS can improve CAC and other marketing metrics

Marketers are always looking for ways to improve the metrics because better numbers mean better business. To improve some of these metrics, you may be considering including text messaging in your marketing strategy. There are a few ways SMS can improve...

A guide to A2P 10DLC - what to expect in 2021

In early 2020, Verizon became the first carrier to launch A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) service for SMS & MMS. This was an important step in the direction of better, more reliable, and more respectful communication between businesses and end customers.

What the best SMS texting services can bring to your business

Engaging with your customers via texting is one of the best ways to have the convenient, fast conversations customers want. And, texting has an innate casualness to it that allows your business to develop a familiar relationship with customers —...

Enterprise SMS marketing: a playbook

Text messaging is the communication channel of choice for businesses of all sizes looking to reach their customers exactly where they are. And it’s a win-win: Four out of five consumers say they wished businesses texted them more, and businesses get...

What is texting software for business?

Texting software for business allows you to reach your audience right on the phone with text messages that are easily managed from a centralized platform. Customers want a convenient way to reach the companies they do business with, and companies need a...

How text messaging can improve the customer experience

A focus on the customer experience is a must for companies today. With a strong CX mindset, your business can drive revenue up to eight percent higher than competitors in your industry. 

3 steps to compliant SMS marketing campaigns (with examples)

It’s important to know how to use text messaging for effective marketing, keeping compliance in mind. According to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), your business must gain explicit consent from your audience before communicating with them...

The best SMS metrics for customer service

SMS is a new channel to many customer service teams. With this new channel comes new opportunities, new challenges, and of course, new metrics. The problem with switching to a channel as unique as text messaging is that when teams have been operating...

Creative ways to engage customers through text

There are many ways to engage customers through text messaging campaigns. 

The future of customer communications

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