What the best SMS texting services can bring to your business

Engaging with your customers via texting is one of the best ways to have the convenient, fast conversations customers want. And, texting has an innate casualness to it that allows your business to develop a familiar relationship with customers —...

What is texting software for business?

Texting software for business allows you to reach your audience right on the phone with text messages that are easily managed from a centralized platform. Customers want a convenient way to reach the companies they do business with, and companies need a...

Why you should use SMS to improve customer experience

A focus on the customer experience is a must for companies today. With a strong CX mindset, your business can drive revenue up to eight percent higher than competitors in your industry. 

3 steps for SMS compliance marketing (with examples)

It’s important to know how to use text messaging for effective marketing, keeping compliance in mind. According to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), your business must gain explicit consent from your audience before communicating with them...

The best SMS metrics for customer service

SMS is a new channel to many customer service teams. With this new channel comes new opportunities, new challenges, and of course, new metrics. The problem with switching to a channel as unique as text messaging is that when teams have been operating...

Creative ways to engage customers through text

There are many ways to engage customers through text messaging campaigns. 

The future of customer communications

What you need to know about opt-in text messaging

Opt-in text messaging mandatory. It is the only legal way for a company to text its audience. Here are some of the most important factors brands should consider before they text.

How to have conversations your customers enjoy

There are certain ways that your support team can interact with customers that work better than others. Whether they’re communicating with customers via text message, email or phone, support should be equipped with successful communication tactics to...

This is how you communicate better with customers

Think about your everyday life: In conversations (or at least the conversations we enjoy), we tend to switch between speaking and listening — that is, relaying information and taking in information. It’s this back and forth that distinguishes...

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