What you need to know about opt-in text messaging

Opt-in text messaging mandatory. It is the only legal way for a company to text its audience. Here are some of the most important factors brands should consider before they text.

How to have conversations your customers enjoy

There are certain ways that your support team can interact with customers that work better than others. Whether they’re communicating with customers via text message, email or phone, support should be equipped with successful communication tactics to...

This is how you communicate better with customers

Think about your everyday life: In conversations (or at least the conversations we enjoy), we tend to switch between speaking and listening — that is, relaying information and taking in information. It’s this back and forth that distinguishes...

Why Your Customer Service Needs Text Messaging

In today’s world, customer retention, brand loyalty and brand evangelism are absolutely essential to your bottom line. Customer service — where your customers go when they need help with your products or services — can either make or break a customer...

Steal these 25 'thank you for your business' messages

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Businesses are more active than ever when it comes to messaging their customers. Texting and emailing them throughout the customer journey has become the new norm.

7 Ways to Text from Your Computer

If you are looking to write something meaningful, which keyboard would you prefer to use: the one on your smartphone or the one on your computer? Most people would normally choose to write on the larger computer keyboard over the tiny smartphone one.

24 Great Sample Text Message Templates to Customers That WORK


What's the difference between SMS and MMS (and which is better?)

Text messaging has become the preferred method of communication for nearly everyone in the world. Texting has taken over not only personal conversations but also interactions with businesses.

The Ultimate Guide to Texting For Business (2020 Edition)

Texting is a critical part of all of our lives, and it's becoming our primary form of communication as a society. Texting is the best way to reach everybody in our lives, and, more importantly, it's the best way for your business to reach its audience.


How D2C Brands Can Utilize Texting (And Why They All Should)

In 2020, the need for direct-to-consumer businesses has never been higher with brick and mortar retail and chain stores becoming inaccessible to most of the world.

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