What businesses need to know about SMS shortcodes

SMS shortcodes are the 5-6 digit numbers used by businesses to communicate with their audience via text message campaigns. Often used for marketing, shortcodes are a way to draw consumers in to get them on your SMS marketing list. Because...

Basic tools every customer support team needs

There are suites of software available to customer service teams that can help streamline customer support. Teams that embrace CS software and integrate it into their everyday interactions with customers tend to come out on top. Here are some of the...

The best SMS metrics for customer service

SMS is a new channel to many customer service teams. With this new channel comes new opportunities, new challenges, and of course, new metrics. The problem with switching to a channel as unique as text messaging is that when teams have been operating...

Creative ways to engage customers through text

There are many ways to engage customers through text messaging campaigns. 

The future of customer communications

Case study: How Bonney Lake Food Bank is using text messaging to communicate more efficiently with clients.

The Bonney Lake Food Bank was first introduced by the City of Bonney Lake to meet the needs of struggling individuals and families in Pierce County. Their mission is to provide food and support to their neighbors facing food insecurity while leading...

Are you prepared for Black Friday?

Black Friday is going to look a little different this year. 

What you need to know about opt-in text messaging

Opt-in text messaging mandatory. It is the only legal way for a company to text its audience. Here are some of the most important factors brands should consider before they text.

Eleven text messages that enhance the customer experience

Text messaging for business is one way companies can add real value to the customer experience. Texting means you can communicate quickly, accurately and easily with customers, meeting them right where they are and where they would prefer to hear from...

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

Both customer service and customer experience are essential, but customer service references more specific touchpoints whereas the customer experience incorporates the entire customer journey. 

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