Why Should You Use Business Text Messaging?

Take a look at your phone. How many unread emails do you have? How many missed phone calls? Finally, how many unread text messages do you have? If you’re like me you’ve got a ton of unread emails and missed phone calls and close to zero unread text...

Encouraging Communication and an Offer to the Restaurant Community

Avochato is now offering a text messaging plan free of charge for the next two months to any restaurants wishing to use messaging to communicate with their community.

Helping Schools And Senior Centers Battle the Uncertainty of the Coronavirus with Communication

As the number of COVID-19 cases climbs in the United States, there is little known about the severity of the situation yet to come. Businesses and public institutions are facing difficult decisions about whether to keep their facilities open or to...

Best Practices for Sending Business Text Messages

Tips for getting started

  • Introduce yourself. The first time you reach out via text message to someone is your first impression, make it a good one! Your customers expect conversational messaging with a business they trust.
  • Use short and succinct...

When It Comes to Communicating with Businesses, Customers Overwhelmingly Prefer Texting (Infographic)

How to Use Custom Variables

Four Ways to Embed Campaigns within Avochato

5 Times Your Customers Would Rather Text Than Call During the Holidays

New Feature: Drip Campaigns

How To: Make a Drip Campaign

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