How text messaging can improve the student experience

Why your medical practice needs HIPAA-compliant messaging

How to use text messaging for professional services

The retailer’s guide to text messaging

The Customer Support Playbook for Text Messaging - part II

This post is a piece of our 2-part guide that covers:

The Customer Support Playbook for Text Messaging - part I

Customer support is the backbone of every good customer experience. 

How to use text messaging in education

To keep education running smoothly, good communication is key. Not only does the communication between teacher and student need to be concise and timely, but so too does communication between staff, administration, and parents.

How to integrate SMS with other marketing channels

Text messaging is a powerful channel for any company that wants to reach its customers with speed and efficiency. Across the board, SMS messages have higher open rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates than any other marketing channel.

Text messaging guide for hospitality (with examples)

From hotels to travel agencies to restaurants, the hospitality industry can use text messaging to its advantage in a few key ways. 

How to use text messages for recruiting (with examples)

Traditionally, recruiting candidates requires hours of phone tag and scheduling and rescheduling interviews. 

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