The benefits of a Salesforce text message integration

Adding text messaging to your suite of communication tools is the next step for many companies in 2021. (In fact, half of the top 1,000 online retailers are texting their customers already.) 

SMS is the conversation channel your customers want

SMS is a channel that’s built for conversations. 

How to use B2B text messaging

B2B Text messaging can be used as an engagement tool at every single stage of the customer journey.

The top 3 principles for communicating with customers in 2021

Customer communication is often taken for granted. 

How to send HIPAA compliant SMS messages

Texting can be an incredibly helpful tool for healthcare providers. With open and reply rates of 98% and 45% respectively, it’s the most effective channel to communicate with patients and make sure important information is actually being received.

Why you should be using text messaging for recruiting

Recruiters are always in search of better ways to communicate with candidates to make the hiring process easier for everyone. Text messaging for recruiting helps companies get, and stay, in touch with candidates better.

Trust is the future of SMS

As we discussed in a previous post, US carriers are moving to protect SMS more as a communication channel. Their intention is to keep spammers from blasting irrelevant messages to millions and prevent them from ruining text messaging as a valid channel...

The benefits of texting your field team

Internal text messaging is crucial to keeping your field teams up to speed. Communicating this way helps them do their jobs better and helps you schedule and talk to your team with more efficiency. 

Here’s why everyone is adopting business text messaging software

Business text messaging is the next big thing. 

Making the case for B2B text messaging

B2B text messaging is all too often written off.

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