Top 6 Benefits of Texting in Business (and how to do it well)

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If you have the choice between your emails and text messages, which is the first thing you would check? The answer is obvious, and the benefits of texting in business are staggering.

If you are like most people, you will open a text message first before opening an email. The text message is succinct, quick to read, and can likely be responded to in a few seconds. You can even read the SMS message by looking at your phone’s lock screen. There are many benefits of texting in business that go beyond the basics of meeting customers where they are (on their phones), which is why companies that use a text messaging service for business tend to nail customer communications.

In the past, SMS has been limited to communication between individuals. But as people have become more comfortable with technology, they have come to understand its value in professional environments. Today, whether with start-ups, medium-sized businesses, or large enterprises, text messaging services for business play a vital role in leveraging a brand and creating powerful sales and marketing strategies.

According to Gartner, emails are opened 20 percent of the time, on average, whereas SMS text messages are opened up to 98 percent of the time.

This clearly shows the power a text messaging service for business can have. If you are wondering how you could reap the benefits of business texting as a business owner or marketer, then keep reading this post.

We will discuss how you can benefit from texting in business. Let’s get started.

Benefits of texting in business #1: Texting is versatile

Almost everyone uses SMS messaging worldwide, and businesses are no exception. From sales and marketing to customer support, everyone can use text messaging to get better results.

Brands can use text messages for various purposes: reaching prospects and customers, providing information, communicating a sales promotion, generating leads, offering coupons, sending appointment reminders, providing customer support, or announcing new products.

Simply put, SMS text messaging is an active communication channel that gives you complete flexibility when sending essential messages or information quickly for whatever your business purpose may be.

Research shows that SMS text message open rates are 98 percent as opposed to 20 percent for all emails. On average, it takes 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text message and 90 minutes to respond to an email. There is no doubt that people are more likely to read SMS text messages over any other type of marketing communication.

Between the growing number of distractions and short attention spans, it is difficult to get your message in front of potential audiences. However, when you use SMS text messaging correctly and at the right time, it becomes more effective than other traditional channels like phone or email.

Insider tip: Boost your new content or products through a text message along with an email and measure which campaign has more conversions.

Benefits of texting in business #2: Text is download-free and doesn't require internet

Around 4.68 billion people around the world own mobile phones.

SMS is a pre-installed messaging function that you can find on any phone. In fact, this is the only function by default on all mobile phones for messaging purposes. You don’t need the internet to send and receive text messages, which makes it one of the most convenient communication tools on the planet.

Even customers who do not have smartphones can engage with an SMS campaign straight from their phone, a distinct advantage over any other digital marketing channel.

There is no doubt that SMS is one of the most reliable tools to reach your customers compared to Facebook Messenger, voice, email, and other channels.

Insider tip: Keep your text messages under 160 characters so that people without smartphones can read it comfortably as well.

Benefits of texting in business #3: People prefer texting over calling, even from businesses

Believe it or not, consumers prefer messaging as communication over calling. It makes sense when you think of what you are most likely to prefer. People would rather receive texts instead of getting phone calls, especially when they are in public places or at work. Unsurprisingly, younger generations also prefer texting over calling, and older generations are increasingly leaning toward text over phone calls.

Consumers may not expect a personal connection and communication with whom they are doing business, but they certainly appreciate it. As scam calls are becoming more common, most consumers don’t even answer phone calls from anonymous numbers, and email services automatically filter out many mass marketing emails.

Insider tip: Create a more personal connection with your prospects and customers by interacting with them over text like you would a friend or family member.

Benefits of texting in business #4: Texting is cost-effective

Business text messaging doesn’t cost you much. Even when you send bulk SMS messages, the cost can be affordable compared to other marketing options that could drive your budget through the roof. Since texting is more cost-effective, it is an excellent choice for all businesses.

A text messaging service for business is an excellent place to start, even if you are a start-up or a small retail business owner with a limited budget and looking for the best and most effective ways to advertise your brand.

You can add that extra edge that could push you ahead of your competitors at little cost.

Insider tip: Start a free trial with a text messaging service for businesses like Avochato, and see how your business can use texting at a low cost.

Benefits of texting in business #5: Texting is easy, customizable, automated, and trackable

A whopping 98 percent of SMS text messages are read. However, with limited characters, it becomes challenging to track your SMS marketing campaigns' performance without custom tracking.

With most platforms, setting up a text message campaign is simple and can be customized at any time with automation rules.

When you use the Avochato text messaging service for business, you can send custom-tailored personalized texts to your target audience at one time using a local phone number. This allows you to customize, automate, track, and analyze your text campaigns without hassle.

Insider tip: Use MMS to include an image in your message and see if that increases engagement.

Benefits of texting in business #6: You can connect with the customer anytime

Did you know 80 percent of smartphone users in the US check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up? Business text messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers anywhere at any time, although discretion is recommended to avoid being too invasive.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of texting in business. One of them is that it allows you to connect with your potential customers when they otherwise would not be thinking about your business. On the other side, customers can also reach and connect with your support when they have questions or concerns.

Insider tip: Test what time of day works best for your customers on a granular level.


SMS text messaging gives your business an edge over your competition. There are many benefits of texting in business; it is a marketing avenue you should never skip.

Once you have your customers' phone numbers, you can easily send them relevant SMS marketing messages from your business phones that will feel personal and professional. Be sure to use a high-quality business texting service.

If you want to boost your business, then you can opt for Avochato’s business text messaging software.

You can sign up for a free trial and see how it can take your business to the next level.

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