The Sales Team Playbook for Text Messaging - part II

This post is a piece of our 4-part guide that covers:

The Sales Team Playbook for Text Messaging - part I

Your sales team is what keeps business coming in. You play a crucial role in an organization’s bottom line, and yet, there are constant hurdles you’re looking to overcome so you can close more deals and bring in even more business.

How do you forward calls to another phone?

When a customer wants to get in touch with your business, you want to be as available as possible, which sometimes means routing the call to another phone number. 

Top 6 benefits of texting in business (and how to do it well)

If you have the choice between your emails and text messages, which is the first thing you would check? 

What is CSAT and how do you improve it?

CSAT stands for customer satisfaction. 

Text messaging guide for law firms

So many law firms struggle to communicate with clients effectively. Should you use email? Should you use phone calls? Should you use text messages?

Cinco de Mayo campaign ideas for text marketing

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that commemorates Mexico’s win over France during the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Even though it’s a relatively minor holiday in Mexico itself, it’s come to represent a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture in the...

Six text message templates for doctors and healthcare providers

There are plenty of reasons healthcare providers and doctors offices want to start text messaging their patients. Using texts to communicate allows you to manage relationships better than playing phone tag or trying to reach out via email. You can...

How to generate more leads with live chat

If your website traffic is high, but you’re not collecting the number of leads you want, you could be facing any number of UX issues. One of the best tactics to employ to start improving your lead gen right away is live chat. 

Text messaging guide for healthcare professionals

As a healthcare company, you’re tasked with safeguarding sensitive patient data and managing communications with the utmost care and protection. HIPAA (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was signed into law in 1996, and since...

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