Hospitality text messaging guide (with examples)

From hotels to travel agencies to restaurants, the hospitality industry can use text messaging to its advantage in a few key ways. 

54 business texting statistics you should know

Top 6 Benefits of Texting in Business (and how to do it well)

If you have the choice between your emails and text messages, which is the first thing you would check? The answer is obvious, and the benefits of texting in business are staggering.

Tips on SMS marketing For eCommerce sales

SMS Surveys: A New Way to Connect with Your Customers

Businesses in today's digital world need new ways to connect with their customer base. One of the most effective, time-saving methods is surveys, which can be sent out quickly and easily via text message (SMS). With an SMS survey tool, you'll have access...

15 SMS Marketing Examples & Use Cases

In a recent survey, we learned that 63 percent of respondents said they would actually switch to a company that offered text messaging as a communication channel. So why is reaching customers via SMS marketing campaigns a surefire way to boost your...

How text messaging can improve the student experience

How to use text messaging for professional services

Text messaging for retailers guide

The Customer Support Playbook for Text Messaging - part II

This post is a piece of our 2-part guide that covers:

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