What businesses need to know about SMS short codes

SMS short codes are the 5-6 digit numbers used by businesses to communicate with their audience via text message campaigns. Often used for marketing, short codes are a way to draw consumers in to get them on your SMS marketing list. Because communicating...

Guide for text messaging in healthcare

As a healthcare company, you’re tasked with safeguarding sensitive patient data and managing communications with the utmost care and protection. HIPAA (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was signed into law in 1996, and since then,...

How to use education text messaging

To keep education running smoothly, good communication is key. Not only does the communication between teacher and student need to be concise and timely, but so too does communication between staff, administration, and parents.

Hospitality text messaging guide (with examples)

From hotels to travel agencies to restaurants, the hospitality industry can use text messaging to its advantage in a few key ways. 

54 business texting statistics you should know

Top 6 Benefits of Texting in Business (and how to do it well)

If you have the choice between your emails and text messages, which is the first thing you would check? The answer is obvious, and the benefits of texting in business are staggering.

Tips on SMS marketing For eCommerce sales

Email vs text marketing: What's the difference? (and when to use each)

It's no surprise that email vs text marketing should play distinct roles in your overall business marketing strategy. These two communication channels hold unique features in getting your messages across to your audience.

SMS Surveys: A New Way to Connect with Your Customers

Businesses in today's digital world need new ways to connect with their customer base. One of the most effective, time-saving methods is surveys, which can be sent out quickly and easily via text message (SMS). With an SMS survey tool, you'll have access...

15 SMS Marketing Examples & Use Cases

In a recent survey, we learned that 63 percent of respondents said they would actually switch to a company that offered text messaging as a communication channel. So why is reaching customers via SMS marketing campaigns a surefire way to boost your...

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