10 SMS Payment Reminder Examples

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It's no secret that getting paid quickly is essential to running a successful business. But what happens when payment deadlines are missed, and invoices start to pile up? That's where SMS payment reminders come in.

These automated messages help ensure your customers pay on time, so you don't have to worry about chasing payments and can focus on growing your business. Here are 10 examples of effective SMS payment reminders to get you started. 

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How do you send an SMS payment reminder?

Sending an SMS payment reminder is an easy and effective way to ensure your invoices are paid on time. You can quickly and easily create customized reminders with information about the amount due, payment due date, or any other details you need to get across. Your customers will receive the courtesy message you put together on their phones within seconds, giving them the heads up that something requires their attention.

Payment Reminder Templates

1. Send SMS Payment Requests That Get Seen

Streamline your payment processes with our Payments feature! Our SMS messages include automated links to the amount owed and make paying simpler than ever. To add a personal touch, you can also attach an optional message of up to 50 characters. Here are some examples perfect for livening up any payment request:

Template 1: "Your bill for [service]. See you next month!"

Template 2: "The [service] is completed and included [add-on]."

Template 3: "Your monthly bill for [product]."

Template 4: "Thanks for working with us!"

2. Schedule SMS Payment Reminders In Advance

With our scheduling feature, you can compose payment reminder messages in advance and set them to send out on or before a specified date automatically. This is especially helpful when you have recurring customers who must pay the same monthly amount. Here are examples of what your reminders might say:

Template 1: "Hey there! Just a reminder that your payment for [service] is due."

Template 2: "You have a bill coming up in a few days. Check it out and make sure to pay on time!"

Template 3: Your monthly payment is almost due. Don't forget to take care of it!"

Template 4: "Reminder - your payment for [service] is due soon. Let us know if you need any help with it. Thanks!"

3. Gentle Payment Reminders

It's only sometimes possible to keep up with payment deadlines, and you want to be sure your customers understand that their payments are important. Try sending a gentle reminder like one of these:

Template 1: "We hope all is okay, but we just wanted to check in about the overdue invoice for the service you received."

Template 2: "Hi there! We noticed your payment for the service hasn't been made yet and wanted to check in."

Template 3: "Just a friendly reminder that your invoice is due soon, so please let us know if you need more time or assistance."

Template 4: "We understand that things can get busy, but please remember to take care of your payment for the service as soon as possible. Thank you!"

4. Incentivized Payment Reminders

Grow your business with helpful reminders that also offer added value. Try including an exclusive deal or discount code in your reminders to incentivize your customers to pay on time. Here are a few examples of what the message might say:

Template 1: "Pay for your service before the due date and get 10% off next month's invoice!"

Template 2: "We appreciate an on-time payment for the service. We'll give you 10% off your next purchase with us as a thank you."

Template 3: "Pay before the due date and receive an exclusive discount code for our store!"

Template 4: "Don't forget to pay for your most recent invoice on time and receive a special discount on the next one."

5. Strong Outstanding Payment Request SMS Reminders

You'll need to get stricter if a customer still needs to complete several payment deadlines. Try sending an SMS message that clearly states the deadline and the consequences of not paying on time, like one of these:

Template 1: "We've sent multiple reminders but haven't received your payment for the service yet. Please pay in full before the due date, or we'll have to take legal action."

Template 2: "We need your overdue payment for the service within the next 3 business days; otherwise, you risk being charged late fees and penalties."

Template 3: "You still haven't paid for the service. Please clear the balance before the specified due date, or we'll have to suspend your account."

Template 4: "We need to receive payment for the service by the end of this week. Otherwise, you will be charged an additional late fee and interest."

6. Gather Information Required to Finalize Bills

SMS reminders are also a great way to gather information from customers that you may need for billing purposes. Try creating messages like these:

Template 1: "We're ready to finalize your bill for the service, but we don't have all the required information yet. Please reply with your address and payment details by the end of the day."

Template 2: "We need more info to finalize your invoice for service. Please reply with your name, email address, and phone number so we can process the payment immediately."

Template 3: "We haven't received all the necessary information to complete your invoice for service. Please send us your full address and payment method before the due date."

Template 4: "We need additional information from you to process your bill for the service. Please reply with any great details by tomorrow evening. Thank you!"

7. Share Payment and Past Due Policies

It's important to ensure your customers know the payment and past-due policies you have in place. These types of reminders should be friendly yet clear about your expectations:

Template 1: "Just a reminder that our payment policy for service is X days past due. Please let us know if you need more time."

Template 2: "We kindly remind you that all invoices for the service must be paid within X days of receipt. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns."

Template 3: "Don't forget that we have a strict payment policy for the service. To avoid late fees, all invoices must be paid within X days of the due date."

Template 4: "As a reminder, our payment policy for the service requires payment by a certain date. We kindly ask you to remember to take care of your payment as soon as possible."

8. Send Payment Confirmation Messages

Once a customer has successfully paid their invoice, follow up with a thank you message. Letting them know that their payment was received is an important part of the customer service process. Here are some examples of what this message might look like:

Template 1: "We've received your payment for the service and want to thank you for your promptness. Have a great day!"

Template 2: "Thanks for taking care of your invoice for the service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us."

Template 3: "We've confirmed that your payment for the service has been received. Thank you for taking care of this promptly."

Template 4: "We appreciate your prompt payment of the service invoice. If you need any additional assistance, please let us know. Have a nice day!"

9. Set Up Auto Responses to Direct Members to Payment Portals

If you use an automated payment system for customers to pay their bills, consider setting up auto-responses that link directly to the payment portal. This can save time and make it easier for customers to settle their invoices quickly. Here are some examples of auto-responses you could use:

Template 1: "Hello there! Please click on this link to pay for the service: X. Thank you for your promptness."

Template 2: "We've sent you an invoice for the service and appreciate your promptness. Please use this link to pay: X. Have a great day!"

Template 3: "Thanks for your payment request. Please use this link to settle the invoice for the service quickly and easily: X. Have a nice day!"

Template 4: "We appreciate your attention to detail regarding settling invoices. To make a payment on the service invoice, please click on this link: X. Thank you!"

10. Provide Monthly Payment Summaries

At the end of each month, it's a good idea to remind customers about any pending payments they might have. This can help them stay on top of their finances and avoid potential late fees. Here are some sample messages you could use:

Template 1: "We wanted to remind you that a balance is still due on the service invoice. Please take care of this payment as soon as possible to avoid late fees."

Template 2: "As a friendly reminder, your invoice for the service is coming due soon. Please take care of this payment by tomorrow to ensure it's received on time."

Template 3: "We'd like to remind you that your invoice for the service is due at the end of the month. Please take care of this payment as soon as possible to avoid late fees."

Template 4: "Please remember that your invoice for the service is due at the end of this month. We appreciate your promptness in settling this balance as soon as possible."


Sending timely payment reminder messages is important to providing exceptional customer service! Updating your customers with timely notifications will help nurture relationships and build trust and keep them informed on any payments that may be due. Using the templates provided above, you can ensure that your customers receive friendly reminders about pending invoices and make sure their payments are received on time.