What Does Opt In Mean in Text Messaging

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Text message marketing is a great way to reach your audience, but it does require that subscribers first opt in. With this article's help, you'll learn the regulations and best practices for ensuring all mobile marketing activities meet legal requirements. So you can proceed with confidence in engaging your customers via sms messages. Take advantage of all the benefits and opportunities to maximize conversion rates and engagement levels!

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What Does Opt, Opt In, or Opt-Out Mean?

If someone invites you to "opt-in," they're essentially opening the door for conversation, granting permission to receive text messages from a business. Alternatively, when asked if you'd like to opt-out of something, it's your choice whether or not to engage directly by having any further communication via SMS services.

Why Do We Ask for Permission to Text Customers?

You’re looking to stay connected with your customers using the most efficient interaction channel available today, which is sms messaging! That's why you must seek permission from your customers before sending messages.

Text message notifications are quick, easy, and much less intrusive than phone calls or emails. Also, customers can control when and how often they receive notifications via text, so it's an invaluable time saver with great utility.

Everyone wins when businesses ask permission to text you! You get tailored updates suited to your needs, and businesses can quickly capture the attention of their customers respectfully.

How Do You Ask Your Customers to Opt-In?

Businesses ask customers to opt into their texting service in various ways. The main ones include:

  • When they collect your contact information. When completing a form or beginning an online chat session, many businesses take the time to ask for your phone number and confirm with a check box that you want to receive messages.
  • When you text a business. Businesses may make it easy to get in touch with them by posting a text-enabled number on their Contact Us page or social media profile.

These are the most common times you'll see an opt-in text message request from a business.

Examples of opt-in text messages

"Text YES to join our SMS list!"

"Reply START to opt-in for text notifications!"

"Want exclusive discounts? Text OPTIN now!"

What is Double Opt-In?

Double opt-in is a method of authentication used to confirm that any phone numbers added to a mobile marketing list are owned by the person who entered them. This extra layer of security helps protect businesses from sending messages to people who did not explicitly agree to receive notifications from them.

How Do Customers Opt Out?

Opting out of a text message should be as easy as opting in. Businesses will typically include an unsubscribe link or keyword (such as STOP) at the end of each message so customers can opt-out when necessary.

Examples of opt-out messages

"Text STOP to opt-out from our SMS list!"

"Reply END to no longer receive text notifications!"

"Want to stop receiving exclusive discounts? Text OPTOUT now!"

Why Would Customers Want to Opt-In?

Opting into a business's text message list can bring a lot of advantages, including:

Timely updates

Receive product launches, special offers, and other news as soon as it's announced.

Exclusive discounts

Take advantage of personalized coupons and exclusive deals only available to subscribers.

Immediate support

Easily contact customer service and other support teams with just a few taps on your phone.

Personalized experiences

Get tailored notifications that keep you up-to-date on the topics you care about most.

Why Would Customers Want to Opt-Out?

Opting out of a business's text message list can also be beneficial. Reasons you may want to consider opting out include the following:


Protect your personal information and account details with the highest level of privacy.


Block unwanted messages from filling up your mobile inbox.

Time management

Reclaim more free time by reducing distractions and notifications throughout the day.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Best Practices

Businesses should always strive to be respectful of customers and their time. This means they need to provide a straightforward way for customers to opt in or out of their text messages whenever they choose.

When asking customers to opt into your service, make sure you:

  • Make it easy to understand the terms and conditions of your texting service.
  • Explain the kind of messages customers will receive, who they're from, and how often.
  • Ensure that customers can opt-out at any time with no hassle.

On the other hand, when customers want to opt-out make sure you:

  • Provide a simple unsubscribe option in every message.
  • Follow through and don't send messages to customers who opt out.
  • Respect their wishes with no hard feelings.

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