Case study: CMS uses SMS to fill medical shifts more efficiently


Consolidated Medical Staffing is a dedicated agency with extensive experience in medical staffing, operating in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. They are a regional leader in healthcare staff augmentation, with a strong commitment to finding quality people to deliver quality care.

One of the most important aspects of medical staffing, in addition to quality of care, is responsiveness - facilities often have shortage of professionals and vacancies that need to be filled right away. The team at Consolidated Medical Staffing was using phone calls and emails to contact nurses and coordinate work shifts, but it was very difficult to get answers and confirmations as fast as they needed. “Before Avochato, we could end up spending hours calling all of our employees just trying to get one critical shift filled”, says Erica Fleming, Operations Manager at CMS. It became clear that they had to find a way to consistently reach out to nurses in a scalable, effective, and timely manner, as well as receive quicker responses from them.

That’s why CMS decided to turn to text messaging - a channel that has a 98% open rate and where messages are replied to in 3 minutes on average. To manage text messages scale, however, a business-grade solution was a must. At first, they considered building their own; but once they discovered that Avochato could offer them all the functionality they needed and be up and running in just a few days, with no implementation complexity, it was a no-brainer.

“Avochato has definitely changed how we do business. We are able to reach out to more employees quicker, thus filling the needs of our clients faster.”
Erica Fleming, Oncall Operator Manager, Consolidated Medical Staffing

Today, CMS has a team of around 30 people who use Avochato on a daily basis to both request staffing needs from medical facilities and to coordinate work shifts with nurses. In just a few clicks, they can send personalized messages to multiple locations at once asking for their needs - as facilities reply, CMS can easily route the 1-to-1 conversations to the right individuals on the team, who can manage them all from one central place. They can then broadcast the staffing needs to their database of medical professionals, who can quickly reply to confirm their interest and availability.

Additionally, nurses can also use the same line to get in touch with CMS at all times, from wherever they are. Canceling or rescheduling a shift, for example, is as simple as sending one text message. According to Fleming, “Avochato has definitely changed how we do business. We are able to reach out to more employees quicker, thus filling the needs of our clients faster.”

Since implementing Avochato, CMS has seen a huge improvement in nurse responsiveness. Plus, they’re now able to rely on text messaging to get in touch with professionals and facilities when other methods of communication are down.

Consolidated Medical Staffing is hoping to expand to additional locations soon, and Avochato will be their partner of choice in keeping communications with medical facilities and professionals as easy as they can be.