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Businesses are more active than ever when it comes to messaging their customers. Once, it was a thank you letter to client for giving business that would help cement customer satisfaction, now, texting and emailing them throughout the customer journey has become the new norm. 

Sending direct messages to your customers is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand and raises the odds of turning them into loyal customers.

This is especially important after they make their purchase. Sending great thank-you messages to new and returning customers is an easy way to build customer loyalty.

Why 'thank you for your business' messages matter

Sending a thank you note to your customer is a great way to make them feel appreciated after their purchase.

A nice thank you gives them a sense that your company cares about their business and wants them to have a positive experience with your brand even after the transaction is complete. You can never underestimate the value of customer appreciation!

When your customers have a generally positive experience before and after their purchase, not only are they more likely to buy again, but they are also more likely to recommend your brand to a friend. However, you say “thank you for your business,” messages like this add to that experience and create stronger business relationships and a higher probably of converting them to repeat customers.

‘Thank you for your business’ messages best practices

Sending a thank you note is a valuable, often overlooked step in the customer journey.

When communicating with a customer after a purchase, here are some best practices you should be following to make sure they come away with a positive experience:

  • Be positive. Make sure your customer feels appreciated and knows how happy you are to have their business.
  • Ask for feedback. Include a customer experience survey link to encourage a reply and get the information you need to improve the experience.
  • Provide support. Link to customer service or offer the right phone numbers to ensure your customers are taken care of if any issues arise.
  • Don’t try to upsell. The thank you message should thank them for their business. Nothing more.
  • Balance professional and conversational. Make your message formal if needed, but make sure you also express your brand's personality. Text messaging is an especially casual form of communication, so make sure the message is appropriate to the medium.
  • Show appreciation. Let them know how much their business means to you.
  • Keep it short. Write clearly and concisely.
  • Tailor your message. When necessary, you may want to tailor your message to fit your needs. If you’re thanking customers for purchasing from an online store, you could send “Thank you for your order” messages. If you’re an organization and appreciate donations, you should focus more on “Thank you for your support” quotes or messages.

25 ‘thank you for your business’ messages

Sending thank you for purchasing texts has so many great benefits. Use any of these great thank you messages as templates in your business text messaging platform:
  1. Thank you for your purchase from [company name]. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you!
  2. On behalf of [company name], we wanted to say thank you for your purchase. We’re so lucky to have customers like you!
  3. Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.
  4. Thank you for being our valued customer. We are so grateful and hope we met your expectations. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  5. We know the world is full of choices. Thank you for choosing us! 
  6. Thank you for being our loyal customer. We have enclosed a coupon for your next order— [Insert Link or Coupon Code]
  7. Thanks for shopping at [company name]. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you in the future. 
  8. Thank you. We hope your experience was excellent, and we can’t wait to see you again soon. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  9. We hope you are happy with your purchase! Thank you for being a valued [company name] customer.
  10. Thank you for doing business with us! We look forward to working with you again. 
  11. Thank you for making your first purchase with [company name]! We’re so glad that you found what you were looking for. Please let us know how we did. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  12. Thank you for your order on [date]. We look forward to doing business with you again!
  13. Thank you for your valued business. We value your trust and confidence in us and sincerely appreciate you!
  14. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated. We look forward to serving you again in the future! 
  15. [company name] would like to thank excellent customers like you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you! 
  16. Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence. It is our pleasure to work with you.
  17. Thank you for your recent purchase of [product]. We here at [company] are grateful for your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future. 
  18. Thank you for shopping with us! We take pride in your business.
  19. Thanks for choosing us! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 
  20. We take pride in your business with us. Thank you!  
  21. Thank you for making us your first choice, or at least your final choice! 
  22. We at [company name] genuinely appreciate your business, and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We hope you are satisfied with your purchase.
  23. Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in our company. We won’t settle for less than the best for you!
  24. Thank you for your purchase! Every customer matters to us; please let us know how we did. [link to customer survey]
  25. Congratulations on your recent purchase! It has been our pleasure to serve you, and we hope we see you again soon.

The best ways to send great thank you messages to customers

Now that you know the value of sending your customer’s thank you notes and have an idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it, you need to decide how to actually get your message to your customer. 


Sending an email to your customer after their purchase is the most common way to get in touch to send a thank you message. 

However, large and small businesses using email to send thank you messages can be perceived as cold and impersonal by the customer because they receive similar emails regularly.

Tip: When using email, you face the risk of not standing out against your competitors.

Physical notes 

Sending a physical thank you note to buyer is the most personal way to get in touch with your customers and is a great way to stand out, but it is also the most time-consuming and expensive option.

Many customers may throw away your package altogether if your thank you gets lost with other advertising and junk mail.

Tip: If you decide to send a physical thank you message, make sure the note is differentiated within your packaging to increase the likelihood of it being opened.


Texting is quickly becoming the primary form of communication between the company and the customer. In fact, 85 percent of customers have expressed that texting is how they prefer to receive messages

The right text messaging software can offer you an easy way to send your customers ‘thank you for your business’ messages at the end of their customer journey. Plus, with a centralized text messaging platform, you can easily save and reuse any of the templates above to make sure your messaging is consistent, concise, and exactly what you want. 

Even when you use a template to send your great thank you messages, your customers will still receive their texts directly on their phones and will have a much more personable experience than receiving an email. 

Texting is much cheaper and more efficient than sending physical notes and still has a personalized feel that your customers will love. Messages expressing thanks should be sincere and to the point! Creating a more successful business can be done by taking small but efficient steps. Look at our great guide for text messaging.

Tip: Learn how a made-for-business texting platform can help you send your customers nice thank-you messages today.


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