How to Use Custom Variables

With all business messaging, you want to make sure you tailor your messaging to every customer and contact. Custom Variables allow you to do this in a variety of ways. 

If you aren’t familiar with Custom Variables, they grab information from the contact and insert it into your messaging. Common uses are $First Name, $Company, and $My Name.

By clicking the “$” underneath the message body, you will see a preview of all the variables you can insert into your message. You can also embed custom fields based on what information you are collecting from your contacts. 

When you insert a variable, the preview will display in the message body. If there is no information for that variable, the variable will display in red. 

You can also type a “$” in the message box and a drop down list will populate with the Custom Variables. Select the field you would like to insert by clicking or hit the enter key when the field is highlighted.