Feature Friday: Notes

For teams with many different users participating in conversations, it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Avochato offers Notes to help keep track of customer details or information. That way anyone can jump in to a conversation and have the appropriate context.

Notes can be an easy way to keep track of internal context between different teams. This keeps the customer experience seamless no matter who participates in the conversation.

Avochato also makes it easy for managers to have visibility into their team's communications. Notes can be a great way to offer specific, targeted feedback on a team member's performance.

Having concrete examples of good messages makes it easier for team members to learn from their performance in the moment.

How to use notes

To get started using Notes, open a conversation in Avochato. If you click on the Notes icon along the top bar, you'll be able to add a Note to that conversation.

That Note will also be recorded within the conversation, allowing other team members to reference them later.

Have a cool use case for Notes on your team? Let us know!