What is CSAT and how do you improve it?

what is CSAT

CSAT stands for customer satisfaction. 

It’s a commonly-used score businesses use to determine how satisfied their customers are. Though it’s most often used to measure customer service interactions, it can also give you a look into how satisfied customers are with your entire customer experience.

What is CSAT?

If you’ve ever been asked to stay on the line after a call with customer service or have been sent a feedback survey via text message or email, you will be familiar with the way CSAT data is collected. This data, when aggregated, is used to create the CSAT score. 

Customers are asked to rate their interaction or experience, and that rating is logged as part of the score. The only criteria for businesses is that they find out, in one way or another, how satisfied the customer is with their experience based on a numerical rating. 

A business is responsible for sending out their own satisfaction survey and measuring their CSAT score based on the responses. The CSAT score is not regulated or checked, and there’s no necessary minimum for companies to hit. However, the reason businesses decide to measure CSAT is to check on how they’re doing, and it can help you benchmark yourself against your competitors. Asking whether customers are satisfied with your products or customer service can help you gauge your performance in the marketplace. 

Your initial CSAT score can also serve as a jumping off point if you’re looking to make improvements to your customer experience in any way. Knowing where you started from and comparing that to where you end up after your improvements are made can be helpful in mapping out a successful path toward more growth.

How do you measure CSAT?

It’s up to your business where to draw the line for customers who are satisfied, but a general rule of thumb is to count a 6 rating or higher as satisfied.

The equation for CSAT is a simple one. You take the number of satisfied customers and divide that by the number of customers surveyed, and that (times 100) gives you the percent of customers satisfied with your product, customer service or customer experience. 

    # satisfied customers
__________________________      x 100 = CSAT score (%)
# total surveyed customers

The closer your CSAT gets to 100%, the more satisfied your customers are overall. 

How do I improve my CSAT score?

If your CSAT score is low, it might be an indication that something in your business isn’t working as optimally as it could be, and customers are noticing. If you want to improve your CSAT score because it’s too low and you think you may be losing business because of it, there are ways to do that.

One of the best ways to increase your CSAT score is to improve your customer experience. Improving your customer experience could help you improve your CSAT score by 20 percent or more. It has even been shown to increase revenue by roughly 15 percent.

Start by looking at any negative scores or reviews your business might have received. Negative experiences can make an impact on customers that’s more than 5 times stronger than a positive experience. Try to get as much feedback about the negative experiences as you can and correct any issues that require your attention. This simple action could improve your CSAT score if you’re being dragged down by a number of negative ratings.

Once you’ve addressed areas where customers are frustrated, go beyond the CSAT score for a moment. Take a look at the entire customer journey and see if there’s any interaction you can make even stronger. Maybe they’re not areas that are causing a low score, but if they’re improved, they could boost your performance. This boost could make customers satisfied in ways they didn’t realize they could be. 

Overall, keep asking your customers for their feedback. The more information you gather on the customer experience and satisfaction, the more prepared you’ll be to make changes going forward. Keeping up with customers doesn’t require guesswork. The CSAT score can help you take the pulse of your business in the eyes of your customers.

One great way to stay in touch is to send out your customer satisfaction surveys via text message. For customer support teams, this is an easy way to automate the process while ensuring the best response. (Text messages have a 98 percent read rate and a 45 percent response rate). Again, the more customers that give you feedback, the better read you’ll have on your overall customer satisfaction rate.


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