Avochato + Plato's Closet Pacifica Achieve 100% Growth

Imagine being able to tell your customers to “Text the word SELL for a link to how it works to sell to us.”

Imagine being able to say “Text the word APPLY to complete a quick application to join our team.”

Imagine being able to 2-way text message with your customers versus just 1-way like we do today with 5 Stars.

As Marcie Webster, owner of Plato’s Closet Pacifica + San Mateo, quickly learned, all of this is possible WITHOUT a store cell phone. It’s like having the technology of a big company for a small company price.

Success Stories:

Plato’s Closet Pacifica was the top year-over-year comp store last year. They ended the year with over 100% growth over last year. How did they do it? Well, for one, they focused on the buys. But the second thing they did is they tried to innovate new ways to drive business to the store.

Text to BUY

“We’ve been using Avochato for about 6 months. We rolled it out right before Holiday to allow our customers the option to do Text to Buy for Social Selling. We had found that keeping up with Instagram DMs was super challenging with hundreds of messages flying around. We rolled out Text to Buy so that we could get the serious inquiries all in one place, and man did it work! We sold almost every piece that we posted to Instagram in December by sending the customer a Square Invoice via text, and they sent us the money within minutes."

As Webster soon realized, the immediacy of text message made it much more effective than other channels that the store had also used in order to communicate with their customers.

“People look at their text messages almost instantly, whereas email and even Instagram DMs can take hours or days to get a response. So we feel we have hit a real sweet spot with our customers using this new tool.”

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Text the word SELL

“Once the Coronavirus hit and we were shut down (March 16-May 31), we realized that we would not be able to answer the phones and we needed a way to stay in contact with our customers. Avochato again was there to help! We started a campaign saying "Text the word SELL to us," and we were able to route our customers to our new website that explained the new COVID-19 process. As the buying process changed, we updated the site and made it easy for our customers to find the most up-to-date information. We were able to market the Avochato "Text to sell" phone number on our instagram posts as well as on our e-commerce site to promote buys.

Two-Way Communication

“We were also able to two-way message customers for private shopping appointments before we reopened, communicate about online orders, mail-in buys and pretty much anything customers wanted to know about.”
“Now that we are reopen and, with all of the telephone fraud that has been happening at Plato’s recently, well - this option allows us to remain focused on the store and allow most of the questions to be answered via text and via our website. If someone has further questions, they just text us those questions and we respond when we can. And, our buys have been up 20% year over year in our San Mateo location since reopening and we do attribute a good deal of our success the text to find out more feature.”

Text the word APPLY

“Then the most recent discovery we made was how many more applicants we are getting with ‘Text the word APPLY’. We used to get a few resumes emailed to us sporadically, even if we posted an instagram post. We posted the new way to apply, and we have gotten over 15 quality inquiries in less than 12 hours! We plan to post the Text to Apply number in the store so that it will be super easy for people to apply with us. We know that the best applicants apply multiple places and get snapped up really quickly, so the more Gen Z friendly we can make the process, the more applicants we will get!

As an owner, I like to be able to see the conversations happening with my customers, and with Avochato, I use an easy iPhone app where I can see all of the messages for both of my stores. I can even respond to them if I feel the need, or I can reassign messages to other people in the store. It gives me the amount of oversight I’m looking for while at the same time allowing my people to be empowered.
And this is really just the beginning. We know there are other ways to use this tool, and we plan to maintain it as one of the key communication tools we use with our customers going forward.”

- Marcie Webster, Owner of Plato’s Closet Pacifica + San Mateo