Case study: How Ghia uses text messages to create moments of delight for their customers

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For Melanie Masarin, founder and CEO of Ghia, the act of drinking has always been associated with good times - being together, connecting, having a good laugh with loved ones. She still has very fond memories of her childhood summers spent near the Mediterranean, watching her mother and grandmother make limoncello from scratch with freshly-picked lemons. 

Drinking, however, doesn’t have to include an alcoholic component. Melanie wanted to dissociate the two and create a drink that provided that same sense of connection without numbing a night. That’s how Ghia, a spirits-free apéritif adapted for modern times, was born. 

Ghia’s team intended to first launch in restaurants and bars, where they could guide a thoughtful cocktail experience for their customers. However, with the onset of COVID and the closure of most dining establishments, they quickly had to transition and re-create that same crafted feeling while selling directly to their consumers. “We wanted to have that personal touch with everything we did,” explained Riley Nelson, Community Manager for Ghia.

The team searched for ways to carry over a bit of the hospitality feel that people would get at restaurants and bars to the online world. With that in mind, they decided to work with Avochato to offer SMS as a communication channel. They started by simply adding a phone number to places like their recipe book and packaging, encouraging customers to reach out via text. “We wanted to let customers lead the way, and let them show us how they wanted the hotline to be used,” Nelson explained. 

Initially, the team expected most of the messages to be support-oriented, but it wasn’t long before they started receiving things like pictures of happy customers with their home-made mocktails, as well as requests to receive some of Ghia’s Spotify playlists. It quickly became clear that the personal nature of SMS made it a perfect channel to create additional “moments of delight” and add a touch of fun to their customers’ days. As Nelson commented, “we wanted ways to connect and have a little bit more fun with our customers when we can’t have launch parties.” 

The reception from their customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many are surprised and delighted when they realize that they are connecting with a real human, according to Nelson. 

Ghia has also integrated Avochato to their Shopify account, so they can stay in touch with customers over text after a purchase is completed. By integrating with Avochato, Ghia is able to control the messaging throughout the customer journey, while also easily managing the conversations whenever the customer chooses to engage. 

Since implementing Avochato, Ghia’s team has exchanged over 3,000 text messages with customers choosing to engage with their brand.


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